Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Things about me...

It's been waaay too long since I've posted anything here, so I've come back to ask for forgiveness! I've also decided to make a post about all of the things that bring me joy. I'm not feeling particularly in need of organization today, so I'm not ranking or categorizing anything...and here it is:

text messages, email, real mail, looking at the ocean just before it rains, coconut oil popcorn, natural light, TV on DVD, pizza from Mellow Mushroom, pulling my blanket up to my neck and sinking into my pillows, smelling the rain as it hits the hot concrete in the summer, Wicked, Edward Cullen, trees with white lights, shiny objects, swirlys, singing acapella, lean bodies, making collages for presents, piano ballads, clever song lyrics, the Tao, when people can get me to laugh at my idiosyncrasies, being able spell idosyncracies correctly on the first try!...but apparently not on the second try, crown molding, snuggly kitties, room temperature water, "the chair," men's cologne, following men wearing good-smelling cologne, inside jokes, prunes, watching people push the wrong side of a glass door, sheets from Ikea, popping a painful zit, bohemian dresses with slouchy boots, child-size t-shirts, sleepy puppies, fudgy brownies with walnuts, Australian/New Zealand and English accents, vacation pay, non-humid weather, chocolate chip cookies made with dark chocolate, saying "Shazam!," sharp cheddar cheese, sitting down in the aisle of a bookstore to read, hairless arms, live music, sitting in the park on a pretty spring day, stevia, Lexus IS 250's, reading a good novel until you're bleary-eyed, quick-wit, well-developed intuition, paradigm shifts, taking the subway, leisurely European mindsets, Christmas music, Love, not conforming, acoustic guitar, finished basements, grilling out with friends, someecards, old southern towns, laughing till it hurts, traveling, not wearing makeup, over-sized sweatpants paired with a fitted tee, not having a schedule to follow

Ok, that's enough for now. Hope you enjoyed learning about some of the things I love!


The Lili Effect said...

this is beautiful! and hilarious! :-)


Mattie said...

Do I dare ask what "the chair" is?

Word Verification: bideth - VP in Shakespearian days.