Friday, June 17, 2011

It's a little weird sometimes

Yesterday, I blogged about feeling a little stressed about next week's meal plans, but wouldn't you know that all it took was a little time, communication and planning to wash all that stress away?  In other words, I feel much more prepared for next week.

However, this post is not about how I feel better now.  This post is actually about how tired I felt yesterday!  Up until yesterday, I had been feeling really good having no grains.  I wasn't struggling with cravings and I was feeling light and happy.  But yesterday (and this may have contributed to my momentary panic), I felt . . . off.  I mentioned during my second no-grain post that my tummy feels different when I eat food that does not cause inflammation (bloating).  What I mean by that is, over the last 4 days, I haven't really feel "full" in the general sense of the word.  I'm not talking about a starvation feeling though.  I'm certainly eating enough food to feel satisfied, but the "satisfied" feeling is just different than it usually feels.

So, after 4 days of a new routine, I think my body finally said, "ok, this fast is for real."  You know how sometimes you try to "cut down" on something but then it really just acts as a slippery slope that brings you right back to eating and/or drinking the same amount you usually do?  Well, those "cut downs" do pretty much nothing for resetting your cravings/body chemistry.  Since you're still having the thing you've cut back on, your body is still processing it.  Basically, you're still on alert for that thing.  It takes a little while of doing something new for your body to shift its gears to focus on the new thing.  I believe yesterday to be the day my body shifted.

I didn't realize it until I got home from the gym, but I was exhausted!  I fell asleep at 7:30pm and didn't wake up until 9:45pm when I got a phone call.  Of course, then I had trouble getting back to sleep.  But my point is that my body needed extra rest.  This is very common when undergoing any type of dietary cleansing.  I was also ambivalent about food.  It was really weird.  I felt like a picky toddler.  I was hungry, but nothing sounded good and all I wanted was to go to sleep.  So I did.  And it felt great!

Today, I feel much better though.  Well-rested and ready to eat again.  Although, I'm a little anxious because I'm singing today.  Ack!  Wish me luck!  Also, thanks to everyone who has been following along and commenting!

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