Monday, March 22, 2010


So much has changed since my last post, and I'm sorry it has taken me this long to post anything!!

Here's a brief update of what has happened since November:

-I began dating the love of my life, Derek, on November 15, 2009, and it has been the most exciting four months!

-I took my first life coaching class in the winter quarter of 2010.

-I moved across Atlanta.

-It snowed enough this winter on three different occasions for work to be canceled!

-I saw my first snowman! And then I saw 8 more the same day...

-One of my best friends got married!! (Congrats Olivia and Ty!)

It has been a cold, but very good, winter and I will have great memories from this time! However, I am completely ecstatic for spring to be just around the corner!!!

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Leolene said...

I love this. Especially the first and last notes. Love you.